Tips to bring your family closer together

7 01 2009

Ever wonder what makes up a close family unit? When we delve into the complexity of the matter, a person cannot help but hit the one main point: it’s the amount of time spent together that matters the most. Our families need our time more than ever. However, during the time spent together, we need to concentrate on ways to become closer to each other. Use the following tips to become a closer family.

Tip 1 Give your family your entire attention; not partial. Each family member knows when they are the center of your attention or if you’re distracted doing work while spending time with them.

Tip 2 Always be sure and give each family member lots of hugs and lots of praise. Keep criticism at bay. Don’t let criticism taint your family time. Save that for a specified time when each of you is open to change.

Tip 3 Plan fun times together. Instead of just sitting in front of the television or just doing the ordinary, plan a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy.

Tip 4 Always give it your 100% by always being there for each other. Each family member can play a vital role in encouraging one another.




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